Inspirational Quotes  Fall Seven Times, Stand up Eight

Fall Seven Times, Stand up Eight

Clear cut quote about resilience...

Or is it?

The original text of the proverb is Nana korobi yaoki jinsei wa kore kara da. Literally,

“Fall seven times, rise eight times, life begins now.”

I believe this quote has more to do with transformation than resilience. While resilience & perseverance are very important components of both success & transformation, they are not the key idea here

Saying that we fall seven times & rise eight, we're reflecting on our own struggles & setbacks. After the fifth or sixth time being knocked down, we seem to start believing that's all that will ever happen - we just keep getting knocked down! Whatever struggle we're facing may begin to seem futile.

On that eight knock down, perhaps we finally reach a state of enlightenment. The proverbial light bulb goes off. Your resilience has led to enlightenment - and transformation.

What are your thoughts?