The official released teaser made for the Type1Rider The Film ( project.

Tony Cervati -- known in the diabetes and cycling worlds as "Type 1 Rider" -- is a 42 year-old man with Type 1 diabetes. In June, he will leave everything behind to bike the longest, most dangerous, unsanctioned mountain bike trail on the planet.

After three years of training he will ride the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Canada to the Mexico border. This route is roughly 2800 miles long. He will ride through grizzly country, ice, wind, snow, desert and more than 200,000ft of elevation gain (roughly the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest seven times). For thirty days, he will be alone without any support from the outside world. Should something go wrong, he will have only one way to communicate for help: a satellite SOS device.

Tony's insulin dependency creates mind-numbing logistical hurdles. He faces serious, life-threatening challenges, especially at high altitudes, but he will stop at nothing -- even if it means putting his own life at risk -- to prove that a life with diabetes can be lived without limitations. Completing this ride is his life mission.

This film has the potential to advance our collective understanding of this widespread, deadly disease and ultimately push us closer to a cure.

No one with type 1 diabetes has ever attempted such a dangerous ride. In fact, if Tony makes it to the Mexico border, he will break a world record by 2300 miles. This is a story about the extreme outer limits of physical strength, emotional endurance, commitment and human potential -- one man versus himself in the great outdoors. This is a story that must be told.

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